About the Founder and Executive Director

This organization was birthed by author, educator, and entrepreneur Ayesha Rodriguez. She is a mother of two wonderful children and is dedicated to creating books and products that positively reflect the diversity of children. 


Our Story

This organization’s purpose is two-fold: to say “thank you” and to pay it forward.


Thank You:

In 2011, Ayesha’s youngest daughter was diagnosed with a rare childhood epilepsy disorder called Infantile Spasms. Watching her daughter have 50-60 seizures a day was one of the most devastating periods of her life. After overcoming this and other daunting challenges, Ayesha vowed that she would find a way to give back as a ‘Thank you.’ Creating an organization that gives to children and families is a vision that she has had for years. To this day, they still have many challenges to overcome, but gratitude is always at the forefront of her mind.

Pay It Forward:

Fast forward to 2016, Ayesha picked up her eldest daughter from school and noticed she was visibly upset. She soon learned she answered a question incorrectly in math class and a boy called her names, which made all her classmates laugh at her. Ayesha’s sweet, sensitive, introverted little 6-year-old was devastated.

Ayesha’s heart broke while listening to her sob that night. After she tucked her daughter into bed, she wrote down some affirmations on a piece of paper that they could recite on their way to school that would remind her that her self-worth does not come from others.

A friend of hers nudged her to turn her affirmations into a book, and she’s so glad she did. She has authored many children’s books, which have had a reach FAR beyond what she initially imagined. Matter of factly, Janet Jackson has her books, ya’ll!

100,000 books sold and counting! Ayesha is so grateful for the tremendous success of her books and products.

The Intention:

Ayesha feels as though she must share her gifts and talents with others. She intends to be of service and help the world through charity and generosity.

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